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12/30/20Podcast #13: The 12 Days of Christmas
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In Podcast #12, we discuss the Kontakion of the Preparation for the Nativity.


12/24/20Podcast #12
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12/16/2020Podcast #11: The Nativity Icon
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The Nativity Icon.png

In Podcast #10, our study of the Divine Liturgy continues with an explanation of the Second and Third Antiphons and the Little Entrance, the original beginning of the Liturgy.

In Podcast #9, Fr. George continues the series on the Divine Liturgy at the beginning of this beautiful service, covering from "Blessed is the Kingdom" through the First Antiphon.  Are you not familiar with the First Antiphon? Then be sure to give this a listen!

In Podcast #8 Fr. George  begins a series on the Divine Liturgy. This episode starts

with an overview of the Liturgy up to the opening declaration that begins the service.

In Podcast #7 Fr. George  answers the often asked question, "Why would God allow suffering in this world?"  Listen to see how suffering and hope are linked and how the joy of the Nativity triumphs all.

In Podcast #6, Fr. George answers the questions: What does it mean to be a saint? How does the Church decide who is a saint? Who is St. Ignatius and why is he so revered?

In Podcast #5, Fr. George discusses the importance of almsgiving using the beloved St. Nicholas as an example (recorded on December 6, the feast of St. Nicholas).

In Podcast #4, Fr. George provides an introduction to prayer; why, how, and when we should pray.  Simplicity and consistency are the keys. The Lord's Prayer, the Jesus Prayer, praying for the dead and more are topics in this discussion. 

Podast #3 - 11/20/18
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In Podcast #3, Fr. George discusses the feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos

into the temple, one of the 12 major feasts of the Church.

Podcast #2 - 11/13/18
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In Podcast #2, Fr. George discusses why we fast, what we fast from, and how the Nativity (Advent) Fast (Nov. 15 - Dec. 25) differs from the Paschal (Lenten) Fast. Tired of hearing, "We've lost the true meaning of Christmas?" Listen to this for the cure

Podcast #2 - 11/13/18
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Podcast #1 - 11/8/18
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In Podcast #1, Fr. George discusses in depth the Church Fathers'

interpretation of the parable of the Good Samaritan

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